Downloads: Toys & Kind of Guy

As you hopefully know by now, West Fest, everyone’s favorite Chicago Avenue Festival, is rearing it’s happy head.  What’s planned?  Amazing food, local artistry and of course MUSIC!!! Earphoria is proud to be your West Fest music blog, making sure you realize each and every band is a headliner and 10 bucks is a measly price to pay for the spectacular line up, delivered by the folks over at Empty Bottle. We are kicking off the the fest coverage with a band that will greet you as you walk into the festival.  This particular greeting will involve catchy rhythmic drumming, whimsical vocal harmonies and an overall sound that will make you think you paid 30-500 bucks for Yeasayer or Vampire Weekend tickets.  YAWN goes on stage at 1 pm on Saturday and you will not regret getting to the festival a lil earlier than planned to check them out.  These Chicago natives have certainly caught my attention and if they haven’t caught yours, they are opening up for Local Natives the following week at Lincoln Hall…(nuff said.)

West Fest Skyline Crowd Pic

After a quick shop around over at hypem, I realized:  HOLY &%)%#$@# CREATIVE COMMONS BE PRAISED, their entire album is online fo FREE 99!!!  So head over to The YAWN Homepage and download not only their new EP, but also a completely remixed version as well.  If, for some crazy reason, you want to save a lil bandwidth, stream my two favorite tracks above.

YAWN will be gracing the stage at West Fest, 1 PM, Saturday, July 10th. Click for more information on West Fest, (or on the skyline photo.)