The handpan is a rare new instrument made of two metal pans joined together. It has tuned indentations somewhat like a steel drum. Ed is one of the few players composing music for handpan, and he is a talented improviser too.

We are composing and improvising music together. I am contributing musical guitar sounds that I developed in the Affective Immersion Project, which treats the guitar as an advanced psychological tool.

Matthew Morgan “curated” the show we played at the Flat Iron First Friday event this month. He said “Amazingly talented handpan player Edgar Castellan and Chicago guitar legend Ron Scroggin are a dynamic duo, creating a sound that is beautiful and otherworldly.”

Willa Moore, singer-songwriter who heard the show said “The songs are beautiful jewels, they are like sonnets. Ron and Edgar are sensitive players.”

Valerie Gabrielle, singer-songwriter at the show said “The song that you improvised – Whoa! That was awesome. I was thinking man, I wish someone was recording you guys.”

Edgar and I say that our music fills the shape of the space it is in, like water.

by Ron Scroggin