I look at a line-up for any sort of festival and I think to myself, ok self, which bands do I want to check out?…  [As I scan the list starting from the top.]  This is why I want to convey my astonishment in the fact that as you review the line up for West Fest, you will find two bands that I have fell in love with, and they both play AT 1PM (aka they open both days.)  YAWN I discussed with my last West Fest coverage post.  The 2nd, is Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps.

On Sunday, July 11th, Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps grace the stage between Damen & Wood.  When I gaze upon the photo above, thoughts of made-for-tv pop bands wander through my head, like Caroline Smith & Her Cohorts are the next big Disney trio.  Thank god for talent, passion and Dr. Dre (will explain.)  This beautiful young red head and her friends are now one of my favorite groups.  It was all thanks to our friends over at Hooves On The Turf and this session that includes 2 of their original tracks and a Dr. Dre cover of Xxplosive that is not to be missed.  As an added free online bonus, Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps are featured in a Daytrotter session (HOORAY FOR FREE MUSIC.)  You too can enjoy these two great sessions by clicking on the photos below.

Caroline Smith Secret GardenCaroline Smith Daytrotter Art