Taking a band from sunny Los Angeles and interviewing them in downtown Chicago on its coldest day in October wouldn’t usually get you very far. The only reason Earphoria got such an amazing interview is because of the band. Nico Vega had such an amazing outlook and turned the session into an adventure of walking, playing and laughing about the cold along Chicago’s bone-chilling streets.

The group sits in a courtyard by the Wrigley building, sings one of their favorite songs, Gravity, and reminisce about their transformational first practice together.

Rich Koehler, guitar, starts strumming an old cover of House of the Rising Sun and you see Aja Volkman excitedly rise to the occasion, holding her tea that immediately lost its warmth when she stepped out of The House of Blues. Her soul-wrenching, powerful voice gives the song new meaning and evokes immense feeling in the listener.

As we walk past Trump Tower to the House of Blues, Aja talks about how her music helps her find happiness in a world that’s not really easy for anyone. When we star approaching the House of Blues, Nico Vega dodges traffic with us and jumps into their song “Beast”. What a kick ass band filled with aware and amazing individuals. Ears to you!

Host: Lydia Palazzolo
Director: Jules Esh
Producer: Marissa Wasseluk
Videographer: Jonathan Flores
Editors: Jules Esh, Jonathan Flores, James Vest and Russell Gillespie