How sweet the sound of Jeremy Messersmith as he sings us through his Star Wars induced love for sound, and credits his musical loops to the church harmonies of his childhood.  Jeremy hails to his Minneapolis roots as he pays tribute to the “Skyways”, and The Replacements.  Messersmith’s yet to be recorded “A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard” will catch the lyrical ear with lines like “Lucy takes the long way home, meets me in a field of Stone, says I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel” and  “Underneath a concrete sky, life’s a game we’re meant to loose, but stick by me and I will stick by you”  As it is for most musicians, you’re never sure that your meant for music until you find your voice, and this was no different for Jeremy.  After shuffling around in a handful of bands, “Novocain” surfaced – thereâs no doubt Messersmith is meant for music.

Hosted by Jules Esh at the Double Door, Chicago on 11/23/08
Recorded on the Tune Talk Stereo by Belkin
with support from Wes Lyon