From secret, surprise cover songs to Nocturnal road trips, Potter shares her highs, her lows, and the band’s happiness just to be alive.

Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, My Morning Jacket, Bali-wood, The Who  – all shape this soulful young rocker as she takes on her love for scores and song.   Grace shares her appreciation for local Vermont bands like Farm, who still play like there is not so much at stake and loves stumbling upon new talent like the Wailin’ Jennys.

You will be mesmerized by Grace’s booming vocals as lyrics spill from her soul during a sneak peak of her yet to be recorded willie nelson/ bon-jovi inspired hip-hop album.

Hosted by Jules Esh at Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco on  8/24/08
Recorded by Will Moxham by Will Moxham on the Apogee Duet us
Edited by Jules Esh and Will Moxham using Logic Pro