Inspired by constellations and galaxies, Cloud Cult is a non-genre indy band who’s music will change your life.  Rooted on a small organic farm in northern Minnesota, Craig Minowa (singer/songwriter) brings substance and passion to original lyrics, string arrangements, and live performances.  Sarah Young (cello), Shannon Frid (violin) Shawn Neary (bass), Arlen Peiffer (drums) Connie Minowa and Scott West (live painters) don’t just perform, they create an artistic experience that captures the audience with a tranz-like build of energizing group harmonies and visual stimulants.

This earphoria session meets Cloud Cult prior to a sold out show at the Double Door in Chicago where they share their first musical memories, introduce us to their favorite bands, and talk about the songs that make them smile.  A little shy at first, the group opens up midway through to play a nostalgic and inspiring tracks including “Journey of the Featherless”, “Made Up Your Mind”, “Transistor Radio”, “Chain Reaction”, and “Bobby’s Space Suit”.

Hosted, Recorded, Edited, and Written by Jules Esh at Double Door, Chicago on 2/11/09
with Support from Wes Lyon