In her interview with Earphoria, Catie Curtis reveals that she sets out to “write songs that make the world make sense.” After fifteen years of touring and nine studio albums, Curtis has had ample opportunity to tell us about her world, and it’s something of a musical atlas — an upbeat neo-folk tour of heartland America, simple and perfectly flawed. Influenced by Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco, and the Weepies, Curtis’ claims her earthy music is not lyric-driven, but all about “feeling and sound” — it’s that urgent, impressionistic intent that has given Curtis much of her staying power and her deserved place in the modern folk canon.

Hosted by Jules Esh at Rothbury Music Festival, Michigan

Recorded by Russell Gillespie

Edited by Will Moxham

Description by Tanner McSwain

Interview Date: 4/29/09