Earphoria partners are in transparent, inclusive, and mutually beneficial relationships that together move the world forward through the experience of music.

A desire to build assets in the music community provides incentive based upon contributions, performance and potential.  Collaborators share their knowledge, and accept others’ input. They are respectful of fellow members, and work to resolve differences in a civil, non-confrontational way.

Collaborators are passionate about music, profit driven and eager to learn.  Being part of Earphoria is a privilege, and I will actively participate to help build the strongest organization possible. I will make every effort to attend gatherings, participate in discussions, and take on responsibilities and tasks. I will follow through on my commitments, and do not over commit myself.   Accountability and personal investment allow for growth within the Earphoria community.

Communication is essential. Collaborators are encouraged to respond to communication in a timely manner and actively participate in dialogue related to their interests.  Earphoria spaces, equipment and merchandise are treated with respect and users will be held accountable for intentional misuse, damage or loss of spaces, equipment or merchandise.

There are no barriers of location, class, education, race, orientation, age or appearance.  Collaborators are asked to always present themselves in a way that positively reflects Earphoria.

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