Collaborator Philosophy

Earphoria partners are in transparent, inclusive, and mutually beneficial relationships that together move the world forward through the experience of music.

A desire to build assets in the music community provides incentive based upon contributions, performance and potential.  Collaborators share their knowledge, and accept others’ input. They are respectful of fellow members, and work to resolve differences in a civil, non-confrontational way.

Collaborators are passionate about music, profit driven and eager to learn.  Being part of Earphoria is a privilege, and I will actively participate to help build the strongest organization possible. I will make every effort to attend gatherings, participate in discussions, and take on responsibilities and tasks. I will follow through on my commitments, and do not over commit myself.   Accountability and personal investment allow for growth within the Earphoria community.

Communication is essential. Collaborators are encouraged to respond to communication in a timely manner and actively participate in dialogue related to their interests.  Earphoria spaces, equipment and merchandise are treated with respect and users will be held accountable for intentional misuse, damage or loss of spaces, equipment or merchandise.

There are no barriers of location, class, education, race, orientation, age or appearance.  Collaborators are asked to always present themselves in a way that positively reflects Earphoria.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

I understand I will gain ownership in a growing company and gain visibility in the industry while receiving internship credit, incentives, stock options, access to equipment, and/or commission.


In support of a free and open media culture, collaborative content is copyrighted through Creative Commons, allowing others to copy, remix, display, perform, and distribute both original and derivative works for non-commercial use, attributing credit to original artist and allowing others to license the work under these same guidelines.


Licensing for Public Performance, Per-Program, Blanket use is renewed annually with ASCAP, relieving Earphoria and associated artists from infringing on copyright when a song is performed and broadcast on Earphoria.  Artists and publishers hold copyrights for original material and negotiate Mechanical Rights and royalties for Earphoria to record, publish and distribute for commercial and non-commercial use.  When infringing, Earphoria acquires permission from the commercial entity, a permit to use public location, and a Busking License when attributing financial gain.

Waiver and Release

Through participation in Earphoria, collaborators assume full responsibility for their actions and waive Earphoria and associated collaborators of all liability for personal loss or damage.  Collaborators release their image, voice, and intellectual property to represented in a positive and respectful manner and give Earphoria permission to produce, publish, promote and exchange shared collaborative content.

Collaborators affirm involvement and verify legal commitments, noting any limitations or exceptions.