Social Media Promotional Opportunity

Sponsorship provides listeners and artists with opportunities and resources to further interact through music.  This allows for more content which in-turn creates a sustainable marketing and advertising platform.

Commercial clients are charged a fee for our service based on the length of the content, as well as a donation equivalent to that fee, which can go towards the creation of a motion graphic for a particular issue or organization of the client’s choosing.

Donation Model

Clients deemed charitable (including NGOs, NPOs, artists, and other organizations of the sort) are offered our services free of charge but request a donation upon completion.  That donation is made on the basis of an interpreted value of our product, financial situation, or in comparison to the commercial fee.

Commercial Model

Listener Profile

As a producer of high quality podcasts, our market spans all ages, the largest majority (22%) are between the ages of 18 and 24, and (19%) between the ages of 25-44.

Earphoria users are in the market that companies today are finding it increasingly difficult to reach.  According to Business Week (Jan 1, 2009) social networking is the most effective way to reach consumers in the 18-24 age range.  Individuals are using social networking at an exponential rate.  Sites like Facebook, You Tube, Digg and Twitter will be essential tools to not only recruit new users, but also to communicate with them about new things going on with, the events we will attend and the music they will enjoy.

Listener genre choices/ music tastes provide advertisers with focused marketing channels allow earphoria to know not only what type of products, places and services but what type of personality and intention they are best met within advertisements and brand recognition.