Bound by a common passion for the arts, “The Ears” work congruently to complete tasks, provide creative direction, and constructively support each others roles. Projects naturally overlap and require individuals and teams to communicate and work together to execute projects. Aspiring students and successful professionals pair together to improve their skills, enhance course study and gain tangible experience while developing original content with their favorite artists.

Committed individuals and groups join Earphoria and commit their time, skill and energy in exchange for both a social and a financial return. Collaborators have the opportunity to partner and gain ownership in a growing company and gain visibility in the industry while receiving internship credit, incentives, stock options, access to equipment, and commission in return for their participation.

Earphoria invites producers, writers, cinematographers, audio engineers, artists, web developers, publicists, operational managers and administrative assistants to collaborate on social media projects.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about earphoria and to show your interest by creating a profile. Please contact Jules ( 312/810.2396) with any questions; we are happy to respond with additional information. Thank you for your initiative, we appreciate response and look forward to collaborating with you on future projects.