Bound by a common passion for the arts, “The Ears” work congruently to provide creative direction, offer constructive support and execute projects.  Aspiring students and successful professionals partner as inter-disciplinary teams to improve their skills, enhance course study and gain tangible experience while developing original content.

Individuals and groups join Earphoria and commit their time, skill and energy in exchange for both a social and a financial return.  Collaborators have the opportunity to partner and gain ownership in a growing company and gain visibility in the industry while receiving internship credit, incentives, stock options, access to equipment, and commission in return for their participation.

Earphoria invites creators, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, audio engineers, editors, artists, web developers, and promoters to collaborate on social media projects.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about earphoria and to show your interest by creating a profile. Please contact Jules ( 312/810.2396) with any questions; we are happy to respond with additional information. Thank you for your initiative, we appreciate response and look forward to collaborating with you on future projects.

Contact Information
Name: Email: Phone:
Address: Emergency Contact:

Interest and Involvement
What has drawn you to Earphoria?

What are your expectations? What do you hope to achieve by working with Earphoria? Are there any additional ideas, projects or opportunities that you would like to see Earphoria pursues?

How would you like to be involved and what are your areas of interest?

Develop ideas for creative projects that facilitate collaborative interactions with businesses, non-profits, artists and listeners.  They inspire “music” to happen and further carry out their ideas with the help of producers.

Reach out to potential partners, publicists and labels to secure participation in projects.  Develop synergistic relationships with organizations, businesses and individuals.  Secure crew, funding, equipment, supplies, location and artists.

Oversee the creation of written, photo, audio and video content.  Direct all parties during session to facilitate filming for artists and make sure needed shots are taken.

Provides a written framework for individual projects including dialogue, artist biographies, product reviews, session summaries, and transcriptions of interviews.

Engage the artists throughout the session. Ask prompting questions that encourage the artists to include music and interact with sponsor promoted products, causes and services.

Sound Technicians
Studio recording, mixing and mastering of audio content and microphone technology.

Envision shoots, scout locations and operate cameras providing artistic and technical direction related to the image.

Mixing and mastering of audio, visual and written content including time code, transcription, editing, color, motion and compression.

Logo development, branding, advertisements and promotional materials including website, press kits, adverts, printed documents and merchandise.

Web Developers
Design framework, implement features, and maintain website through coding, content management, advertising and search engine optimization.

Secure synergistic marketing efforts including press releases, blogging and guerilla efforts.

Administrative Assistants
Accounting, legal assistance, communications, logistics, technology.

Operational Coordinators
Self-sustainable action teams are overseen by operational management and rely on administrative support to ensure the execution of a project.  Managers provide opportunities and resources and guide teams as they set deadlines, assign tasks, and develop content.  Help listeners and collaborators use the website and become involved in Earphoria.  Answers all questions and handles communication.   Chat and email with a person that will help them along. Person also in charge of Knowledge Archive and would be responsible for updating templates and knowledge archives.  The secret is to observe patterns in the questions people ask but also in the underlying cause of the questions while leaving enough design time dedicated to creating a healthy set of resources that can serve future users.

Resource Coordinator
Builds and maintains relationships with partners, investors and sponsors.  Attains necessary funding, supplies, equipment, space and skill through direct communication.

Collaboration Coordinator
Organizes collaborators for projects and events.  Communicates information to participants and coordinates opportunities for involvement.

Production Coordinator
Works directly with producers and crews to manage relationships with artists, sponsors, and venues.  Responsible for equipment use and assures the execution of productions.

Content and Distribution Coordinator
Provides seamless oversight and management of all content that is created and provides assistance in the process of editing, publishing, distribution of Earphoria through multiple communication channels.

Advertising and Publicity ManagerDirectly manages advertising sales initiatives and accounts and pairs directly with designers and producers to initiate marketing campaigns.  Further publicizes Earphoria in conjunction with partners, sponsors and affiliates.

Web Development Coordinator
Design framework, implement features, and maintain website through coding, content management, advertising and search engine optimization. Knowledgeable in CSS, PHP, HTML and WordPress.  Will oversee a collaborative team of work for hire coders.

Design Coordinator
Oversees designers in the process of web advertising design, motion graphics, flash media and promotional merchandise.

Business Coordinator
Implementation of business initiatives and administrative operations including  communications, accounting, intellectual property and copyright, logistical oversight, and the provision of resources and opportunities.

Technology Coordinator
Oversees technical operations and implementation of digital infrastructure, maintenance, equipment.

Experience and Assets

What have you accomplished and what will you bring to Earphoria? What are your best attributes?

What would you like to do better? Are there things that you are interested in pursuing but don’t have very much experience with? What characteristics are holding you back in your personal or professional life that you would like to improve?

Tell us about your previous experiences with school, work, volunteering, business, projects and hobbies. Please feel free to include your resume and/or a link to your portfolio.

What would other’s say about you? Please include any personal or professional references or recommendations.

Considering your abilities, experience, and contribution, please propose any required compensation, as well as the actual value of your services.

Please list any resources you will use, contribute or have access to, including: equipment, software, supplies, connections, space or funding.

Do you have any friends, colleagues or sponsors that you would like to introduce to Earphoria? If you would like us to contact them please include their name, email, phone and experience.

Passion & Commitment
What are you most passionate about?

What do you spend most of your free time doing?

What time commitments do you have?
Do you have a “day job”? Hr/Wk
Do you go to school? Hr/Wk

Does your school or work allow for independent study, internships, pro-bono work or collaboration?

Realistically, how many hours per week are you committed to investing in Earphoria? What is your general availability?

Music Matters
What is your first musical memory?

What are the elements that draw you to music?

Who are your favorite musicians? Any recent discoveries?

Do you have any favorite lyrics? Do you have a favorite harmony part?

If you had to play the world one song, what song would you play?